Below is important information you will need in order to attend summer camp.


Babcock Hovey

Review the Babcock-Hovey Personal Needs Checklist so you know what can be brought to camp and what should be left at home. You can also view the Camp Map. All Babcock-Hovey summer camp forms are located here. Below are a list of the required forms to attend summer camp.


Required Forms for Summer Camp

All of the following forms must be completed and submitted to the troop prior to attending summer camp

  • Troop Permission Slip
  • Annual Health and Medical Record Instructions
  • Annual Health and Medical Record - Parts A, B, C, and health insurance card information are required
    • Part A Informed Consent, Release Agreement and Authorization
      • Must be completed, signed and dated.
    • Part B General Information/Health History
      • All sections must be completed.
      • A doctor's immunization report can be attached instead of filling in the Immunization section.
    • Part C Pre-Participation Physical
      • A signed doctor's pre-participation physical can be attached to Part C instead of filling it out. The doctor's physical must be dated within the last year prior to summer camp. Include Part C even if you attach the doctor's form.
  • Health Insurance Card - A copy (both front and back) of your current health insurance card
  • Medication Permission Form - This form is required to dispense both over-the-counter and prescription medications at camp.
  • Camp Food Accommodations Form


Camperships are available to assist those families unable to pay the full cost of summer camp.


Adult Leaders

In  addition to the above medical forms, adult leaders must also fill out an Adult Camp Leader Registration Form. Adult leaders must also be current with their youth protection training. Please bring along a printed copy of your training certificate for verification. 


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